Vintage Home Decor and Retro Kitchen Appliances

Vintage Home Décor

Redecorating and Upgrading with Retro Decor

People who own a home can always find plenty of home improvement projects to do. In fact, for many people who own their own homes, there is always a list of ongoing projects at their home as they work to define and perfect it.

Since there is no shortage of projects that can be done at a home for improvements, maintenance, and repairs, remodeling or redecorating, keeping busy with upgrades is easy. This is especially true for older homes. Since many older homes need new flooring and wall painting or wallpaper upgrades, it is only natural to want to upgrade furnishings and décor at the same time.

One of the most loved projects for many homeowners is creating their home into a distinct reflection of their own personal style. This is generally done through remodeling and home decorating. Home decorating projects allow homeowners to embrace their own creativity and enhance the enjoyment and value of the home they live in.

Modern Trends Showcase Decorating Rooms from Yesteryear’s

One of the more popular trends today for homeowners who are redecorating is bringing in a flair for the old with the upgrades of the new and improved. This involves bringing a new style in home decor that is an old-style in-home decor. This type of redecorating is called “Vintage Home Decorating or Retro Home Decorating”. This can be especially popular for people who have bought a home from a certain era that they want their furnishings and décor to match.

Retro home décor projects can be wonderful. They allow homeowners to redefine their home with rooms decorated during a period they love redecorating is vintage home decor furnishings and accessories. This can be a wonderfully transformational experience that can make the and improved and aesthetically beautiful and unique. This kind an old-style usually includes the purchase of retro and vintage furniture, retro kitchen appliances and room decorating accessories that especially popular appearance of a special era of time.

Defining Your Vintage Home Decor Era

Retro home decor is created with home furnishings that can come from any period the homeowner wishes to recreate. While in some cases the décor for the period chosen will be antique, if the period chosen is later they may not be. Retro and vintage furniture and furnishings that are not over 50 years old they would not be considered traditional antiques.

In some cases, homeowners like to mix up their pieces from different eras. They may also choose to have different eras of décor for different rooms. This can be especially true with Retro Kitchen appliances. In most cases, even people who love the décor from a different era don’t want to live without modern conveniences. This is especially true in the kitchen.

Since most retro periods of decor did not have such amenities as energy efficient dishwashers and microwaves, homeowners will often have to change where they are located. In some cases, the newer appliances in their kitchen are placed inside cabinets and out of view if they are trying to stay with the theme of a retro era of design.

When deciding to decorate a room or multiple rooms with retro home decor, deciding on the era is the first step. It’s important to note that an era in furniture décor can be a span of time of ten to twenty-five years. However, older retro designs like the “Victorian era” or era’s pre-1900s were much longer.

In fact, it wasn’t until the advancement of the industrial era that furniture and décor styles started to change more rapidly. Once industrialization occurred, furnishings styles often lasted no more than ten to fifteen years before new trends in furnishings and accessories took over.

Today, redesigning a home or redecorating it with retro furniture and accessories usually means using furnishings or designs from any era from the late 1800s to the 1970s. Eras of furniture design from this era’s averaged ten to fifteen years.

General Retro Eras for Furniture and Accessories Include:

• 1890’s-1905
• 1905-1919
• 1920-1935
• 1935-1948
• 1949-1959
• 1960-1969
• 1970-1980

In some cases, people choose to overlap some of these eras and mix and match like the 1950s and 1960s. In the world of décor, this kind of blending is certainly acceptable and can really make for an interesting blend of home furnishings and accessories.

Getting Good Retro Room Design Ideas

While it may be easy to decide on going retro for décor, it may be a bit more difficult to define the era of décor and get great room and furnishing ideas. The good news is there are some great places to go for ideas for retro decorating.

The internet has a vast reservoir of resources for decorating. Online home décor blogs will usually provide some great ideas and photographs of retro décor. Doing some online research is a great way to start.

Additionally, tapping into old photographs from magazines from the era of choice in the archives either online or at a local library may turn up some wonderful pictures as well. Old movies from or about the chosen era can offer a wonderful supply of ideas for decorating. In most cases, movies look to create as much of an authentic look for the era as possible on their movie sets so they are a great source.

When it comes to looking for very authentic retro décor designs, there are some great choices as well. Old family photographs, museums and looking up old copies of shopping catalogs from major department stores during the era of choice can offer some great ideas as well.

It’s important to allow for a little flexibility when it comes to designing retro. Because it is a recreation of another time, making exact replicas of décor for an era may be a bit difficult.

Defining the Rooms for Retro Redecorating

Once a period is chosen, defining the rooms to redecorate is important. Some people choose to make the primary rooms all one era. The primary rooms would be the kitchen and living room. However, in many homes, the retro designs include the kitchen, living room, dining room and primary bathroom that serves these rooms.

While this is the most common thematic retro redecorating scheme, other people choose different eras for each primary room. Some even choose to only redecorate one room with retro furnishings and leave the rest of the home filled with modern décor. People should choose what works best for them with design and functionality.

Other rooms such that homeowners can choose to make retro include:

• Bedrooms
• Dens
• Family Rooms
• Sun Rooms
• Porches
• Rec Rooms
• Guest Rooms
• Great Rooms
• Other Bathrooms

What to Do About Modern Amenity Needs

This is always a classic question for people who want to really immerse in the retro world. The problem when redefining a living room with retro furnishings is what to do with the use of present-day electronics and entertainment equipment. In most cases, people either use cabinetry for the modern electronics to be housed in or they use a den, family room or rec room for keeping all their electronics in.

When it comes to the kitchen, the same concerns arise, and thoughtful choices must be made. Since retro kitchen appliances did not come with energy efficiency and did not include microwaves, convection ovens, center island grilles, and dishwashers, homeowners must define how to handle this. In most cases, homeowners will define the kitchen within the retro era they wish and use a pantry or cabinetry to house their more modern appliances. This allows for the room to be more authentic in design without breaking the décor theme.

How to Find Quality Retro Furnishings and Décor

While some retro décor can be found on used furnishings sites, there are also other options. Because the fashion trend for retro décor has increased over the last few decades, there are a significant number of companies that make retro replica furnishings.

This is a popular choice for people who are looking to have some of the amenities of newer furnishings with the designs of yesteryear. Choosing newly made retro furnishings allows people to furnish entire rooms quickly without having to search around at several different sources to get their room completely redecorated.

For people who decide to take extra time to redecorate and want to make it as authentic as possible, it can be worth the patience. Searching for individual pieces of furniture and décor items and remaking a room can be creative, fun and exciting. In many cases, people that love retro décor want a little bit of both to create a complete room design.

There are a wide variety of source people can go to for retro décor and furnishings. The most important part is defining what the scheme is and looking at what the primary pieces of décor will be for the room.

Once the primary pieces of retro décor are decided upon, then searching for them is a shopping journey of pursuit. After the furnishings are bought then the décor and accessory pieces will more readily be defined. Having the primary pieces of furnishings before the accessories are essential because they define the color and design schemes.

One of the important advantages of buying newly made retro furnishings and décor is that their condition is new when they are purchased. This is important because it can allow for longer use and enjoyment. Additionally, since many older furnishings were made from higher quality materials, replica manufacturers often use higher quality materials for manufacturing as well.

Materials for Retro Rugs, Curtains, Throws, and Pillows

The finishing touches of any room are usually the rugs, carpet, curtains, throws, and pillows. While this may seem like a small detail, not having the right materials and designs for these can throw the entire décor theme off.

Mistakenly choosing flooring and curtains that match a modern style can make the entire room look and feel inauthentic. For people who are buying modern recreations of retro furnishings and styles, there can be a little more flexibility for flooring and window accents.

The good news is that most flooring companies today offer a wide variety of designs. Many of these are replicates of retro time periods. This makes matching the décor with flooring an easier task.

By contrast, matching up curtains to certain eras may require more research and effort if the goal is to be as authentic as possible. While there are some original accessory curtains and rugs available for sale in some online sites, it is important to understand that matching decor with original rugs and curtains may be difficult because materials can fray and fade.

Depending on what era of time the retro décor is from original rugs, carpet, curtains, throws, and pillows can consist of faded materials. Rugs can be the easiest to replicate or buy authentic. Many older rugs of high quality are well kept as part of antique estates. For most décor from the eras post-1940, hardwood floors make a great match. Finding appropriate retro tile designs for kitchen and bathroom floors are easy to find as well.

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